about us

cleanliness standard
To provide the highest level of cleanliness, pure nail bar provides a disposable pouch with a new file, buffer and toe separator. Every time you are serviced, a new pouch will be opened for you! You can either have it thrown away or take it home. Our metal tools go through a thorough sterilization process. Each set of tools are individually sealed and opened at the beginning of each service to ensure the utmost in sanitation.

no whirlpool foot baths (also known as Spa Chairs)
We don’t use whirlpool spa chairs for pedicures at pure nail bar. Research shows that when the pipes are not cleaned properly bacteria, skin and hair particles gather up in the pipes and can cause horrifying dangerous infections.

pure walk-ins
We love spontaneous clients who need their quick-fix mani+pedi! For your convenience, please keep in mind that we are extremely busy on weekends as well as weekday evenings.

pure WIFI
Need to connect to the internet? Ask our front desk for a daily password for a wireless connection.